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"Your story has touched our hearts, and your service has touched our lives.   This donation is in honor of Terri James, Customer Service Manager & Machelle Garrett, Customer Service Supervisor.   We are proud to have Little Rock's finest protecting our community.  We could not imagine if Xantho were no longer part of your prestigious group.
  Individual Sponsors
 bullet Stephanie Cody   Maumelle, AR  
"In loving memory of K9 Axel. Praying for fast and full recovery of K9 Xantho."
 bullet Benny Cagle   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Romona Drobney  Ft. Pierce, FL 
 bullet Sue Ellen Lupien   Maumelle, AR  
"On behalf of Xantho, from Sue Ellen Lupien and Shari Pfister"

Ofc. Ken Wicker, Pam Wicker and K9 Uk   Sheridan, AR
"Very sorry to hear of Xantho's passing. Gone to soon! Ken and Pam Wicker"

 bullet Lori Sattler   Roland, AR
"Good luck with Xantho - I hope all of the donations will help him get the care he needs and have a speedy recovery
 bullet Marsha Mosenthin   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Don Kinney   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Ms. Talley's 5th Grade Class   Monticello Intermediate School   Monticello, AR
"Merry Christmas.  My students decided that instead of spending their Christmas party money on themselves, they wanted to donate the money to help pay for the surgery of your K-9 partner.  Please accept this donation with the love and deep appreciation for all you do."
 bullet Jim Britton   Little Rock, AR  
"Given in honor of all my past best friends and current dog Rex for the help with Zantho's cancer, and to honor the officers who work with these fine animals."

Betty Johann   Hot Springs, AR  
"Please apply toward Xantho's medical bills."


Marla McClendon Popa   Little Rock, AR

 bullet Ann Austen   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Kelly Gustavus   Maumelle, AR
 bullet Marian White   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Ann Honeycutt   Heber Springs, AR
 bullet Caroline Pierce   Harriet, AR
 bullet Bill & Carolyn Boone, Moose Too, Sam   Benton, AR  
"We pray that your treatment for your K-9 is as sucessful as ours was for our Moose Too."
 bullet Lucia Turner   Fort Smith, AR
 bullet Regina Green  Little Rock, AR
"My heart goes out to Jason for the loss of Gino. This donation is in memory of Gino, Xantho and Axel. You are in my prayers and thoughts at this time. Regina and Jean Green"
 bullet Brigitte Rice   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Janice Bowyer   Sherwood, AR  
"Please use this donation to assist with the medical bills of Xantho. Thank you for caring for him during this time. I have cancer too- my love and prayers are with him.  Please keep everyone posted on his condition.  I hope to see him on TV again."
 bullet Julie J Drobney   Hollywood, FL
 bullet John Jenkins   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Joe Stafford  Hot Springs Village, AR 
 bullet Charolette Workman   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Gina Kosarek   Little Rock, AR  
"I want to help Xantho!"
 bullet Sharon Climer   North Little Rock, AR  
"Please apply to Xantho's surgery bills.  Thank you for your service to our community."
 bullet Cindy Harper   Lonsdale, AR  
"Hope this helps in small way.  Good luck in recovery to Xantho."
 bullet Anna Bulloch   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Scott & Debbie Bell   Beebe, AR  
"Xantho, I hope you feel better soon.  We appreciate your service."
 bullet Martha Cansler   Beebe, AR  
"Enclosed or Xantho's medical bills and pray the tumor is benign."
 bullet Linda Simmonds   Malvern, AR  
"I saw the story on Xantho's surgery on Channel 7 News.  I hope this small donation will help with medical bills or wherever needed.  I rescue animals, foster & find new homes from them so I know the cost involved in medical & upkeep."
 bullet Allan Gates   Little Rock, AR  
"Contribution for Xantho."
 bullet Lisa Ford   Cabot, AR
 bullet Sarah Klein   Little Rock, AR  
"For Xantho in memory of Axel (our Etzel)"
 bullet Dr. Bud and Sally Klein   Little Rock, AR  
"In honor of Officer Harrington and Axel (our Etzel)"
 bullet Betty Long  Little Rock, AR
 bullet Emre Ermisoglu  Little Rock, AR 
Veronica Hernandez  Little Rock, AR 
 bullet Virginia McKimmey   Little Rock, AR  
"...Please apply this to Xantho's medical bills..."
 bullet Mary Hearne   Little Rock, AR  
"Please apply this small amount of money toward the care of the wonderful, courageous K-9 German Shepherd, Xantho.  I love all animals but especially have a place in my heart for Shepherds.  I had one for 13 years and how I mourned her when I had to have her put down.  I am going to tell all my friends about Xantho in hopes they will also contribute."
 bullet Humberto de Leon   Sherwood, AR  
"May God keep you all safe in your Police duties.  Merry Christmas & God Bless to all! I will pray for your puppy."
 bullet Geneva Milam   Sherwood, AR
 bullet Dr. Franklin A. Latimer   Little Rock, AR  
"For Xantho"
 bullet Sharon Piazza   Little Rock, AR  
"For our very brave K-9's."
 bullet Mary Beth Doler   Forest City, AR  
"For Xantho!"
 bullet Elizebeth Ann Yancey   Conway, AR
 bullet Christina Burchfield   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Robert & Janice Byers   Little Rock, AR  
"We saw the article in the paper about Xantho's problems and wanted to help.  We are thankful for all that the L.R. Police Department does for us, and wanted to help with Xantho's expenses!  Thanks to all who serve, including Xantho."
 bullet Ann Austen   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Kelly Gustavus    Maumelle, AR
 bullet Richard Taylor   Little Rock, AR  
"Please accept this for Xantho. Thank you for all you, and the dogs, do."
 bullet Phillip Bass   Bryant, AR
 bullet Marty Cossey   Conway, AR  
"Please use this toward Xantho's medical bill."
 bullet Pat Van Duinen   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Kristen Bell   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Rollin Wintrode   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet LindaSue Shollmier   Little Rock, AR  
"I hope this helps pay the medical bill for Xantho."
 bullet Kathy Carlton   Alexander, AR 
"Donation for medical bills for surgery for K9 Officer Xantho. I have 2 GSD in search and rescue, ANYTHING for these Brave workers!"
 bullet Laurine Donoho   Sheridan, AR
 bullet Rhonda Young and Harley the Malivasz   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Rebecca Weidman   Cabot, AR  
"My love for animals and respect for the police told my heart I needed to send something.  I have a German Shepherd at home also.  I hope and pray that Xantho comes thru this with flying colors. I will keep him and his handler Ofc. Tankersley in my prayers."
 bullet The McNeese Pack (Danny, Melissa, Gypsy, Radar, Hattie Mae)   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Patricia Upton   Heber Springs, AR
 bullet George McClain   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Paula Lawrence   Little Rock, AR  
"Good luck"
 bullet William Bryant   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Lisa Bondurant   Little Rock, AR  
"For Xantho"
 bullet Julia O'Conner   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Julie Ludwig   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Robert Street   Hot Springs Village, AR  
"Donating for the care of Xantho."
 bullet Susan Young   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Karen Baldridge  Little Rock, AR  
"The enclosed donations are to help with Xantho's medical bills."
 bullet Pat Baldridge   Mabelvale, AR   
"The enclosed donations are to help with Xantho's medical bills."  
 bullet John Hedgecock   North Little Rock, AR
 bullet Linda Mariner   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Kelli Hastings   Beebe, AR
 bullet Teresa Reeves   Benton, AR
 bullet John Holton   Little Rock, AR
"For Xantho from Black Jack Davey :-)"
 bullet Mary Lou King   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Sarah Cowen   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Sherry L Smith   Bryant, AR
 bullet Bonnie Greenwood   Little Rock, AR
 bullet Yilmaz Eker  Little Rock, AR 
 bullet Janice Coulter   Russellville, AR


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